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Actionable Data Intelligence

Optima Sports provides cutting edge player performance projections of an athlete’s “sport performance capability” and his or her overall team success, allowing our team clients to make data-driven decisions when acquiring talent, optimizing lineups and developing academy products.

Accurate, Objective Feedback

The Optima models utilize data and performance methodology rather than subjective input and personal bias that interfere with projections and recommendations. This ensures management and coaching staff receive best-in-class predictive analytics without individual opinion.

Customizable Models

Each team and system is unique and Optima’s models are a class above. Only Optima tailors each project specifically to the individual customer fitting their exact needs and KPIs.

Trusted Partner

Having worked with professional sports teams and franchises for nearly a decade, working with sensitive performance data, Optima handles all player and team performance data with the utmost integrity while respecting each customer’s need for confidentiality.

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